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Each professional is unique, but the obstacles in finding Federal employment are all too common. That is why we developed our products and services to be flexible. We embrace your individual strengths and backgrounds while working together to advance your career.  

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  • Federal Resume & Cover Letter Transformation: enhance your existing Federal resume, or build a new.

  • being a competitive applicant means using effectively to advance your career. We'll coach you to independently and strategically apply to jobs, and we're on call to answer your questions along the way. 

  • Custom: the employment landscape can be overwhelming – you may not know where to even begin. You may find it challenging to develop a resume if you can’t identify Federal careers that fit your interests and skills. You may also want a second pair of eyes before submitting an application or contacting a recruiter. We're here to support you and answer your questions to advance your career. 

  • Universities and Not for Profit Partnerships: through engaging courses and workshops, AskNot empowers students, young professionals, and transitioning military and spouses to compete for careers in Federal and public service by augmenting career services offered on campus. AskNot also supports the association and none profit communities provide their membership with professional development resources to compete for Federal careers. 

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